'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (2024)

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Married at First Sight returns to Boston for its 14th season at Lifetime, and ahead of the premiere, cast members are teasing their experiences with the social experiment so far.

For those who are less acquainted with the reality hit, Married at First Sight matches singles with a partner selected by a set of experts where they meet at the altar and say “I do” moments later. This is the second time the show has stopped by Beantown since Season 6. After Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre found lasting love with the show the first time MAFS spent time in Boston, Season 14’s singles are hopeful they can make their new marriages last.

Below, Season 14’s cast members reveal what’s surprised them the most, what advice they’d give to future cast members, and the reason behind signing up for this experience.

Mark & Lindsey

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (2)

(Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography)

For Mark “The Shark,” he was ready to dive into the deep end with his future bride, but when it came to surprises, the thing that probably took him most off guard was the friendships he’s made along the way. “Meeting all the guys and really getting along and having this closeness about us right away was comforting,” Mark admits. “I knew going into it I’d find a wife, but no expectation to make friends.”

His match, Lindsey, on the other hand thought she knew what to expect, but was taken completely off guard. “I was ready for the challenge, but there are a lot of unknowns and you just have to kind of go with the flow or take the lead. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done and or experienced in my life, and I have lived life!” she teases. “Buckle up because this wild ride will be interesting to watch.”

Steve & Noi

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (3)

(Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography)

After taking a long road trip, Steve was inspired to sign up for the experiment, but never imagined he’d be so changed by the experience. “I was surprised to find the experience a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting!” he says. “I was certain I’d get to the point where I didn’t want to be open and vulnerable, and it would become too much for me, but somehow, between the amazing people, and the comfort I found in the process, I got to the point where opening up became therapeutic.”

Steve’s match, Noi echoes this sentiment after she believed she knew everything about herself heading into this process. “I knew that I was signing up to be married to a stranger, but I did not understand that I was also signing up for a journey of self-discovery,” she reveals. “I thought I had already done the work to become complete and that part of my story was finished. Little did I know that the MAFS journey was actually about testing my commitment to my values and beliefs, which means that I was challenged to dig deep.”

Noi says she had to “get uncomfortable with the fact that I did not truly understand what marriage really was, even though I wanted it so badly.” As for advice she’d give to future participants, Noi says, “Stay honest with yourself and your needs. Marriage and commitment are wonderful and sacred, but you have to prioritize yourself while you learn and unlearn what it means to be married.”

Jasmina & Michael

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (4)

(Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography)

For Jasmina, she has learned that making a marriage work is possible for almost anyone, as long as you’re willing to put the work in. “Some people might think you are just thrown into this and have to figure it out but you have access to so many things and people who are rooting for you and willing to help you during your process,” she reveals. Jasmina also advises that any future cast members should head into the experiment with an open mind. “I don’t think anyone should ever settle for less than they deserve but I do think you should sometimes be open to something different if that makes sense. Expectations can lead to disappointment. When you sign up for this you have to trust it.”

As for Jasmina’s match, Michael, he wasn’t entirely sure what to anticipate heading into the social experiment, but when it came down to the process, he was most surprised to connect with his fellow cast members as much as he has. “The bond that I built with the rest of the cast definitely was a key component in helping me throughout my marriage,” he shares. On the advice side of things, Michael tells future cast members to “be honest about everything: your past, your feelings, your needs, wants, and about who you are in general.”

Katina & Olajuwon

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (5)

(Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography)

When it comes to this pair, they agree that the show is something you can never fully prepare for. “What surprised me the most was how intense going through the whole process really is,” Katina shares. “I don’t think anyone could prepare you for something like this. Talking about emotions every day and having to repeat difficult moments that you and your partner have had was the hardest part for me.”

Despite the challenges, Katina leaned on the friendships she made to help learn more about herself and understand her marriage to Olajuwon, who admits, “The process has its pros and cons, but what surprised me the most was how a stranger could be a safety net. I learned that the amount of time you know someone doesn’t matter, but your connection does.”

When it comes to offering advice, Katina says, “Do what makes you happy,” and advises that participants should be open to finding love. Her match Olajuwon tells future participants, “Don’t change who they are for cameras, and if you genuinely want the process to work, come with a loving heart, open mind, and forget about a person’s past.”

Alyssa & Chris

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (6)

(Credit: Courtney Hizey Photography)

While Alyssa was surprised to find out “how much work and time being on a TV show takes up of your day-to-day,” she added that, “It’s really hard to figure out how to balance your personal life, work life, a new marriage, and a lot of new friends in such a short period of time.” Her match Chris couldn’t be more complimentary of the production team that helped make the process more manageable for them.

“There is a real sense of positivity and goodwill throughout the whole process,” Chris says. “Everyone from the crew and experts to the other couples, there is nothing but love and a desire to build happiness for each person.”


‘Married at First Sight’: Get to Know the Season 14 Cast (PHOTOS)

When it comes to advice for future cast members, Chris says, “Take some time to really understand yourself first. This is not a scripted or finely-edited production. This is a documentary where your authentic self is going to be on display, no matter who you are deep down.” Alyssa echoes him, advising that you “remember to be your true self and don’t change because of the circumstances you are in. Make sure to stick to your gut and never settle.”

See what these couples get up to as Married at First Sight Season 14 unfolds on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight, Season 14 Premiere, Wednesday, January 5, 8/7c, Lifetime

'Married at First Sight' Season 14 Cast Takes Us Inside Their Surprising Experience (2024)


Is anyone from season 14 Married at First Sight still together? ›

Katina and Olajuwon are the only couple who are still together even after all this time. Both of them are aged 29 and knew what they were getting into when they appeared on the show.

How much do you get paid for Married at First Sight? ›

"You get $150 for the day, that's it," Nasser told Now to Love. "But on top of that, you have to pay expenses - your living expenses with the woman that you marry."

Are Lindsey and Mark the Shark still together? ›

Mark and Lindsey's relationship ended in divorce, but they seem to appreciate each other more since they separated. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, as Mark sent some flirtatious texts to Lindsey, and the two were polite on the MAFS Instagram.

Did Jasmina and Michael get back together? ›

Jasmina & Michael - No Longer Together

The early childhood educator and personal trainer both dedicate their lives to the improvement of others and seemed like a perfect match destined for eternal marital bliss.

Did Olajuwon and Katina split? ›

Married at First Sight's Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson have called it quits. 💔 Their joint statement is at the. Thank goodness!

What is Alyssa MAFS doing now? ›

Since then, Alyssa has clearly "found her voice" and partnered with a brand new dating app catered specifically for single parents. As a single mother to her young son, the dating world as parents and care providers is a subject close to her heart.

Does Married at First Sight pay for the dresses? ›

He explained: "There's [a] budget for things—her wedding dress, a small budget for the suits. "There's some money for hen-do and stag-dos, but it was mainly out of my pocket.

Do Married at First Sight couples get paid if they stay together? ›

Are Married at First Sight contestants paid? Yes. The contestants who appear on the show do get paid for their participation. While there is no prize for staying married at the end of the series, the contestants do get paid daily.

Does Married at First Sight pay for apartment? ›

The former contestant continued: "But on top of that, you have to pay expenses - your living expenses with the woman that you marry." He added: "It's not $150 clear. You still have to pay rent if you're renting, you've gotta pay your rego and it's 12 hour filming days."

Are Katina and Olajuwon still married? ›

We are officially legally separated. We leave with the utmost respect for each other. At this moment, we ask for space. Thank you everyone who supported us.”

Are Alyssa and Ryan dating? ›

So is Married at First Sight's Alyssa Ellman dating Season 13 cast member Ryan Ignasiak? No.

Why did Steve and Noi break up? ›

At first, it looked like Noi and Steve were MAFS season 14 front-runners. However, over time, differences of opinion and a strong need for independence led them to separate.

Did Jasmina and Michael consummate? ›

Surprisingly, Jasmina and Michael decided to remain married during the MAFS season 14 finale, and even confirmed that they were intimate throughout the experiment. While viewers did not see the move coming, the MAFS experts—Dr.

What happened to Jasmina and Michael MAFS? ›

In season 14, Michael and Jasmina's relationship fizzled out early on, with communication being the pair's biggest issue. Despite their earnest effort on certain occasions, it clearly wasn't enough to help their marriage.

Does Michael leave Paradise with Danielle? ›

During the “After the Final Rose” special, Michael and Danielle confirmed they were still together after leaving Bachelor in Paradise season 8, according to Reality Steve. Reality Steve also reported that Danielle is moving to Ohio, where Michael lives, to be closer to him, though they're not moving in together.

Did Katina and Olajuwon reconcile? ›

After announcing their divorce, they reconciled, split again, and now appeared to have gotten back together. The Boston couple celebrated one of their co-stars, Steve Moi's, birthday recently. Moi shared glimpses of the cast reunion, which was made up of the male cast, and an appearance from Katina.

What do Katina and Olajuwon do for a living? ›

' Dickerson, a municipal wastewater operator, and Goode, a benefit calculation analyst, thrust themselves under the harsh glare of reality TV when they went on Married at First Sight. After fourteen seasons, the reality show has matched 54 couples, 33 of which chose to actually stay married on 'Decision Day. '

Did Olajuwon and Katina consummate their marriage? ›

While the tension between the divorced couple hasn't gotten any better, Chris did tell the group that he's started dating again, receiving well wishes upon sharing. Katina and Olajuwon reveal that they're staying married and share that they've now officially consummated their relationship.

Why did Alyssa Barmonde lose her job? ›

Alyssa had to defend herself after she was criticised for her actions towards husband Duncan James. Now, the single mum said that two weeks after the season finale aired she was made redundant from a company she'd worked for for seven years, which she believes wasn't a 'coincidence'.

What is Alyssa's problem on Married at First Sight? ›

The 35-year-old had been edited badly during the second half of the season, with scenes highlighting her emotional outbursts, mistreatment of husband Duncan James, and constantly using 'I have a child' as an excuse for her poor behaviour.

Is Alyssa and Duncan together? ›

Having experienced a difficult few weeks in the relationship, Alyssa and Duncan both weighed up if their conflict was worth it. But they both had very different answers to that question. Alyssa was ready to "fight for the relationship" while Duncan admitted the "bridge was too big too gap" and ended their marriage.

Who pays for the honeymoon? ›

The person who pays for the honeymoon traditionally is the groom (or groom's family), since the bride's family traditionally pays for the wedding.

Do you buy your own dress on Married at First Sight? ›

As Marilyse reveals, all brides on MAFS are given money to buy their own dress, though they must dig into their own pocket if they want something more extravagant.

Who pays for the rings on love at first sight? ›

But in the breakup talk with Marshall, she said she had met with Josh on her own. She capped off the story saying, “As for the ring, Marshall did not pay for the ring, Love Is Blind paid for all the rings.”

Who buys the rings on Married at First Sight? ›

The show didn't buy there wedding ring when they first got married. The men bought them. She's not being greedy by wanting a ring, she's not asking for a 24k diamond, she just wants a ring her husband picks out....

Who pays for the wedding at Married at First Sight? ›

The show most likely pays for the wedding. Clark, from Season 2, told Cosmopolitan U.K. that Married at First Sight gave the couples limited options for their wedding, which sounds like they did pay for it if they called the shots.

Do they work during Married at First Sight? ›

You can't work full-time while filming.

Making an arranged marriage work takes...well, work. That's why the couples on the show have to take a leave of absence from their jobs, or even quit, to film.

How long does it take to film Married at First Sight? ›

Even though it is a reality show, it is described as a social experiment. Couples meet, marry, go on a honeymoon and live together for eight weeks before deciding if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

How long does the Married at First Sight process take? ›

The experts narrow down the pool further and make visits to specific candidates' homes to get to know them further. The experts then finalize their pairings, after which they surprise the selected candidates with the news that they'll be getting married to a stranger in just two weeks.

How real is Married at First Sight? ›

A member of the Australian production team confirmed via Now To Love that the marriages are not real, but said, "Each participant embarked on a commitment ceremony with a wedding celebrant with all due intention to commit fully to this union for the duration of the experiment." That's all quite fake, since the actual ...

Are Briana and Vincent still together? ›

Vincent Morales and Briana Miles are the only Married at First season 12 couple still together. Vincent and Briana are the only couple from Married at First Sight season 12 that stay married after the season aired.

How much is Olajuwon from Married at First Sight worth? ›

Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth 2023
Net Worth:$320 Million
Name:Hakeem Olajuwon
Salary:$26 Million +
Monthly Income:$2 Million +
Date of Birth:January 21, 1963
6 more rows
Mar 29, 2023

Who is Alessandra Rampolla married to? ›

Is Alyssa from Married at First Sight mentally ill? ›

Living with an anxiety diagnosis for over 20 years is HARD,' she began. 'There's a real stigma attached to talking about it openly. It's something that most people suffer from in silence, feeling misunderstood and vulnerable. '

Who is Ryan's new girlfriend on Married at First Sight? ›

The couple got engaged after four months of dating

Emily and Ryan first met on The Challenge Australia in August 2022 and announced they were engaged earlier this year. Despite them announcing their engagement in March 2023, Emily revealed they actually got married in December 2022.

Who is Ryan girlfriend now? ›

Ryan Seacrest has been dating Aubrey Paige Petcosky since 2021.

Did Steve Noi get a job? ›

While working on Jib, Steve also landed a position as a software developer at Nulite, an app that tracks behavior and education data for students.

Do Steve and Noi live together? ›

Steve & Noi Got A Divorce

Both seem to be enjoying their single lives, although Steve sparked rumors he might be with Married at First Sight alum Mindy Shiben after posting about her on Instagram in February 2023.

Where is Mark Scrivens now? ›

Mark now owns his own cafe called Freelancer Cafe in St Kilda, Victoria.

Are Stacia and Nate still married? ›

The season 15 star announced her split from Nate Barnes on Thursday's kickoff episode of Married at First Sight Nashville, telling host Kevin Frazier: "Nate is no longer around. Yeah, I am divorced," Stacia said. "Yeah, It's time [to move on]." She explained, "Everything that he agreed to do on the show were all words.

Did Michael sleep with Hayley? ›

It definitely happened.” “I swear on my life Hayley and Michael hooked up,” declares Vanessa, who is married to Chris on the show. “It definitely happened.” In fact, Vanessa goes as far as to claim the duo “hooked up multiple times”.

Who is still together from Married at First Sight Season 14? ›

4) Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson - Still married

Katina and Olajuwon are the only couple who are still together even after all this time. Both of them are aged 29 and knew what they were getting into when they appeared on the show.

Did Jasmina and Mike get back together? ›

Jasmina & Michael - No Longer Together

The early childhood educator and personal trainer both dedicate their lives to the improvement of others and seemed like a perfect match destined for eternal marital bliss.

Is Michael from mafs a millionaire? ›

Confident and charismatic, alpha-male Michael is a single dad with a toddler and a very successful business. A millionaire at 24 when he became a shareholder in the family business he now runs, Michael says he's "good at lots of things but picking women isn't one of them".

Are Noah and Abigail still together? ›

She has been working at PEOPLE since 2022. Her work has also appeared in Buzzfeed, She Knows and Greatist. Although Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb didn't leave the beach together on Bachelor in Paradise, the couple reignited their romance off-screen and are still going strong today.

Are Danielle and Nick still together? ›

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are reflecting on their short-lived marriage after the pair tied the knot on season 2 of Love Is Blind. The Netflix stars filed for divorce in August 2022 after one year of marriage.

Who is Michael Aiello's wife? ›

I'm a husband to my wife Loula, and a father to my daughter Christina Maria and Identical twin sons, Antonio and Konstandino.

Do Noi and Steve stay together? ›

Steve & Noi Got A Divorce

They shared the news with Married at First Sight fans on July 9, 2022, through their respective Instagram accounts.

Are Ryan and Alyssa still together? ›

So is Married at First Sight's Alyssa Ellman dating Season 13 cast member Ryan Ignasiak? No.

Is Chris from married at First Sight Season 14 dating? ›

After his marriage to Alyssa Ellman didn't work out, Married at First Sight alum Chris Collette revealed that he was seeing MAFS season 11 alum, Olivia Cornu. He made that announcement during the season 14 "Where Are They Now?" special.

Which couples from MAFS 2023 are still together? ›

Out of the twelve couples who competed on this year's series, The Brag can reveal that only two are still together: Tahnee and Ollie and Melinda and Layton, per a source close to the couples.

Are Olajuwon and Katina back together? ›

We are officially legally separated. We leave with the utmost respect for each other. At this moment, we ask for space. Thank you everyone who supported us.”

Did Noi and Steve get a divorce? ›

Noi and Steve ended up divorcing after their Married At First Sight journey and it's time to see what they are up to in their newly single lives.

Are Alyssa and Kyle dating in real life? ›

We are still on good terms and will continue to support each other in all aspects of our lives and hope that you'll do the same.” Capener thanked his fans for supporting the couple “throughout our relationship,” noting that the decision to separate is “best” for him and the 24-year-old customer service rep.

How old is Alyssa from Married at First Sight? ›

Alyssa age - 35-years-old.

Is Chris on Married at First Sight wealthy? ›

Click to start this article in

He works as a finance manager and reportedly earns at least a six-figure salary, which is what helped him get off the streets; it was the stepping stone to his current $800,000.

How does Chris from Married at First Sight make money? ›

Chris made his reality television debut on the Married at First Sight season 12 premiere in January 2021. Season 12 focused on hopeful romantics living in Atlanta, Georgia. On his wedding day, Chris was 27 years old, and working as a finance manager and entrepreneur.

Is Myrla from MAFS single? ›

Myrla and Gil aren't together anymore. They actually broke up at the end of the season, just a couple of weeks after they both said yes on their decision day. During the reunion, the pair revealed they had split. Myrla said she felt a lack of chemistry.

Is Alyssa and Duncan still together? ›

Alyssa and Duncan decided to separate at the end of the series after a turbulent relationship, with the latter subsequently beginning a romance with co-star Evelyn Ellis.

Did Myrla stay married? ›

Myrla Feria appeared on Married at First Sight's 13th season, which took place in Houston in 2021. Though she was married to Gil Cuero at the time, the pair have since divorced.


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